CPC Projects

Ongoing projects are:


The aim at ACREW is to deliver high–standard worldwide events which introduce professional development opportunities to superyacht captains and crew. Captains and crew are invited to attend free workshops, discussion groups, networking and social activities at its events in Yacht Shows, Shipyards and Marinas to further develop and progress their career in the superyacht industry.

The goal is to set a new standard for professionalism in super-yachting. We believe that learning is a life-long endeavour and superyacht crew have a duty to continuously improve their safety, security and hospitality skills and knowledge. Their aim is to achieve this through the provision of accessible and innovative Continuous Professional Development opportunities for all superyacht crew around the world.


Services offered by Charles Parry Consultancy:

  • Sales and Account Management for more than 20 ACREW Partners / Sponsors
  • Marketing Support in Social Media, Promotional / Target Emails and aiding strategic marketing campaigns for long-term ACREW partners
  • Assisting in website functionality, design and identity
  • Event Assistant and Management:
    • Assisting Antibes Yacht Show 2014
    • Assisting Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2014
    • Assisting Palma Superyacht Show 2015
    • Assisting ACREW & STP Shipyard Event 2014 & 2015
    • Assisting Monaco Yacht Show 2014 & 2015
    • Assisting ACREW IYCA Antibes Event 2015
    • Assisting ACREW & IMS Shipyard Event 2015
    • Assisting ACREW & Christophe Harbour St. Kitts Event 2016
    • Events Management Role after February 2016.

Van Cappellen Consultancy

With the use of Social Media and Data Management, Charles Parry Consultancy will start the road of lead nurturing for Van Cappellen Consultancy. These tools, with use of meaningful content, will help build relationships for the company to enhance its brand awareness, customer loyalty and retention. The goal is to create a campaign that is feasible, acceptable and sustainable for the company within a selected period.


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